Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Eyebrows Need Waxing

My hair needs trimming

The floor needs sweeping

The weather needs cooling

My legs need tanning

My sheets need washing

My arms need toning

My toes need painting

Lady Gaga needs helping

My stomach needs crunching

My toilets need scrubbing

Grey's Anatomy needs returning

My nieces and nephews need holding

Christmas music needs listening

My laundry needs folding

My lips need balming

My soul needs calming


Cheryl Kay said...

Jennifer Isaminger needs applauding! Very cute and clever post! I do applaud you, my precious daughter!

Kelli said...

Well said! :) I could print out most of that for my to do list.

Nat said...

Best blog post I've read all day!

Ashley McWhorter said...

I'm with Kelli! Love it and oh so true...for me, too! :)