About Jen

If you're looking for a blog written by one of those women who has it all together, then this is not the blog for you. If you're looking for a blog about organic meals and DIY projects, move on along. This ain't that kind of place. We are barely making it here, people.

Jen writes about food, red carpet fashion, pop culture, television, motherhood, and family life. She and Grant have been married since December 2006 and welcomed a daughter in July 2012. Don't be alarmed if you find yourself reading an entire blog post about macaroni and cheese. As a resident of Houston, Texas, Jen enjoys no outdoor activities whatsoever and prefers a cozy couch, a blanket, and an ice cold Diet Coke. She realizes that she's no longer a newlywed but that's what she named the blog many moons ago and she's too lazy to change everything now. She loves funny movies, funny people, long sleeved shirts, Target, and Jesus. This is pretty much a creative outlet for a girl that talks a lot to do something with all of those words.

Her car is really messy and there's clean laundry in the dryer that she refuses to fold.