Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30, 2006....

...was the day I married my best friend.

...was the day that I started the most fun adventure ever

...was the day I woke up sick as a dog and so did the rest of my family

...was the day I wore my very most favorite dress

...was the day that Grant kissed me alot, even though I was still so very sick

...was the day I started "forever"

...was the day I became a woman

...was the day that I made the best decision of my life

...was the day that got to marry my Grant

Happy 3 year Anniversary, dear husband....


Jaclyn said...

Jaclyn Likes This.


I love you sister

Kelli said...

Wonderful :)

cristina said...

enjoy your anniversary!
beautiful pictures, by the way.

Megan said...

I know I am late, but Happy 3 Years!!

May the next year be even more blessed!

P.S. Happy New Year!

P.P.S Can't wait to see pictures of your new house!!

Heather said...

Happy anniversary!!!