Saturday, February 6, 2010

There is No Way I Couldn't Blog About This

So, this evening, Grant and I were running several errands around the town. All of a sudden he comes up with "I need some good Cajun food in my body right now". A co-worker of his who is also from New Orleans had told him about this place he just HAD to try called "Good Ole Boys" so I googled it on my phone to get the phone number.

When I googled it I said to Grant "it just says catering on the website, I don't know if it is an actual restaurant" but he thought he'd call them anyway.

"Good Ole Boys"

"Yes, hi, where are y'all located?"

"I-10 and Pin Oak"

"Okay, and is this just catering or is it a restaurant as well?"

"Uh, you can eat here. Where are you?"

"I'm on I-10. How late are you open?"

"Well how soon can you get here?"

"Umm.... 15 minutes or so?"

"Alright, come on"

So Grant hangs up the phone and said "I don't know what just happened."

So we drive out and turn on this dark road, and there it is, an old mechanics shop that has "Good Ole Boys" painted in red letters on the side. It was a sight to see, believe me. Immediately Grant starts going "yes, yes, yes!!"

So we walk in and are immediately greeted by about 6 or 7 "Hey"'s from around the bar area. And sure enough, there is about 4 tables and chairs set up around the room. A man named Toby greeted us and said "Have a seat, how many pounds do y'all want?"

Grant immediately replies "3".

Within 20 seconds (I AM NOT KIDDING) three pounds of crawfish were sitting in front of Grant. I ordered a cheeseburger because I don't eat anything that can be referred to as "mud bugs". They also had jambalaya, etoufee, gumbo, poboys, catfish and andouille sausage. So we eat and Toby keeps coming over and talking to us, trying to get us to participate in his Superbowl pool he had going. Then he would ask, "do y'all mind if I smoke in here?"

While we were eating, I took a big big sip of my Diet Coke (in a can) and then I burped out loud, but just loud enough for Grant to hear. He turned to me and said "Did you just burp?!". I honestly replied "I feel like it's okay here".

Then, Grant asks Toby where he's from. He says "Lafayette" and then proceeds to sit down with us at the table and give us the family history. I learned about his grandmother and her recipes, and also that his grandmother and grandfather had an arranged marriage and his dad was one of 5 boys. It was a lovely conversation. He and Grant discussed where they get their crawfish from and when they are gonna be in season. Then Toby says, "y'all wanna see something cool?"

"Sure" we reply.

"Alright, follow me". So we get up from our table and follow Toby as he yells "Hey, Mike, do you have a flashlight?"

Mike (the cook) yells back "FRONT SEAT OF MY TRUCK!"


So Grant, Toby and I walk outside and go to Mike's truck. Toby couldn't find the flashlight right away so the 3 of us looked together. Then he found it and told us to follow him 'round back.

So we go 'round back and enter this trailer contraption that has several grills on it. He opens a grill, shines a flashlight on it and lets us see it: A giant pig roasting. Yes, a pig. A whole pig.

Ya know those moments when you realize that you're in the backwoods at a cajun restaurant that used to be a mechanic's shop and it is pitch black and you're standing on a trailer wearing pearl earrings and carrying your Coach bag and you're talking to man who is pointing a flashlight at an entire roasting pig that "my friend Chuck shot" and your husband is totally into this and all you can think of to say is "that smells good"? This was one of those moments for me.

Grant said to them that he'll be back real soon. We also picked up a catering menu on our way out the door.

I'll admit it. One of the most exciting dates we've had in months.


cristina said...


(not normally checking blogs on Sunday morning, but SO glad i did--thanks for the laugh!)

Mrs. SQ said...

this is so you. best blog post ever.

Lindsee said...

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall! That's hilarious! I know Grant was just in heaven. You, on the other hand? Well, flat out shocked. Because you married into this.

Kelli said...

They cater the best crawfish boils! I had NO idea they had a place!

connorcolesmom said...

I just love that story and I can totally picture the whole scene!
Love it!

Amanda said...

Oh my word. That right there is why blogs are necessary.

The Rabe's said...

That is awesome!!

Brittney said...

just lovely - hahaha! I can't even imagine :)

The Barfuss Family said...

Amazing. Thank you Lord for blogs to document these occasions.

Dana said...

I love it that you hung in there and didn't run for your life. You are THE WOMAN!