Thursday, October 22, 2009


I left work on time today. Not 9:00 at night, but 5:00. Like a normal human being.

I came straight home. I did not pass go. I did not collect two hundred dollars.

I walked the dog.

I cooked dinner.

Let me say that one again. I COOKED THE DINNER. I think Taco Bell misses me.

I did laundry. Did you hear that? LAUNDRY!

I watched 3 television shows. Community, The Office, and Grey's Anatomy in case you were wondering. Grey's was intense.

I cleaned my counters.

I opened some mail.

I threw away trash that has been in my purse. I didn't really need that receipt for my $2.78 purchase from Kolache Factory from July 19. Nor did I need to hang on to 24 orbit gum wrappers.

I did the dishes. I dusted the bookshelves.

I got out my fall candles.


Praise the Lord.... I am already feeling better.

I should add that Grant helped ALOT. He cleaned the bathroom floors and vacuumed for me and threw things away that needed to be thrown away. I adore him. He is so wonderful.

And I am so excited because Grant's parents are coming to visit tomorrow! I am so glad that they will be here this weekend, it has been way too long since I have seen them. Grant and his dad will be playing some golf while me and mom will be shopping it up! I am determined to get some Christmas presents out of the way. So far I have only purchased three so I have alot to get done.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


Lulu SQ said...

the need for cleaning out the purse. you and I have that in common. who knows what is lurking in the bottom of mine right now. a dirty folded up diaper perhaps. haha

Lynn Cooper said...

It must be a parents weekend! My parents are also here. Maybe we'll run into you while shopping on Saturday. Have fun!

Jana said...

ONLY 3 gifts? I would probably throw a party if I already had 3 Christmas gifts bought in October!

Heather said...

Do you wanna come help me do laundry?