Friday, April 11, 2008


So a few months back, my cell phone rang at work. The woman on the other end asked for Jennifer, and I said "yes?", and she said "This is Stacy from the H20 Salon & Spa, I wanted to confirm your 2:00 haircut and pedicure for tomorrow?". I asked her to repeat what salon she was calling from and I informed her that I did not have an appointment there, nor had I ever even been there. This salon is more than an hour away from my home. We figured she had just mis-dialed and it was just a coincedence that my name was also Jennifer. Funny.

Well I blew it off and haven't thought about that conversation since. Well, I went to check the mail this week, and I had a letter from H20 Salon and Spa. It was my address, but the name on the envelope said To: Inga. No last name. Just Inga.

So I open the letter and it says "Dear Inga: Thank you for your application to join our team. At this time, the position you applied for has been filled."

So I call back to the spa and I am now REALLY confused. I explain to the girl who answered that she called my cell a few months back. NOW they have my address and apparently an application from a girl called "Inga". The receptionist was just as confused as I was and said that she would look into it. That was Tuesday. I call back this morning and they are now saying that they don't remember any of this.

I am SO confused! Who is Inga? (The other weird thing is that Inga sorta/kinda sounds like my last name).

The twilight zone music is playing in my head!

Any ideas as to what in the world is going on?!?!


Cheryl Kay said...

Inga Isaminga???
I think someone is playing a trick on you. They somehow have your name, number and address. That's really strange. I think I can hear the Twilight Zone music playing.
do do do do, do do do do...

cristina said...
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Jaclyn said...

this is so random. i remember when they called you before too. I don't like it. I think they should treat you to a free spa day for your troubles :)

Rebecca and Allan said...

I keep getting calls from 999-999-9999. No joke.

It's creepy.

Maybe you should go check out the spa! Tell them your name is Inga! hehe

Lindsee said...

Hi, Inga!

I love it. Glad it's all worked out. But it is still all very strange!

Jon & Sally said...

I hope it's not something terrible! Keep a close eye on your credit card bill and bank accounts! What if this is fraud??
Oh dear.
I hope not!

Jon & Sally said...

Just for the record...
I think we should call you Inga until this whole thing is sorted out!